Author: Michelle Le Vieux

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Make Friends

APP If you feel that there is space in your life for new friends, try these apps. Being active on Facebook enables connections with many people, yet some are complaining that although they know...

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Successful people know how to get others excited, energised and focussed. Someone suggested that there are no lazy people – only unmotivated people. All people can be motivated by a vision that is meaningful....

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Getting positively involved with people increases joy and wellbeing. To become deeply involved with people it is necessary to be aware of your prejudices, which really amount to pre-judgements. By withholding pre-judgement, you are...

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Some try to drive others with fear and punishment – it won’t work for long. Science clearly demonstrates that stress which is associated with excited engagement and achieving positive outcomes strengthens. The opposite is...

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Cultivate Happiness

Why Resilience Is The Key To Lasting Happiness + How To Cultivate It Have a look at our Blog link HERE!                      

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Practice Heartmath

  HeartMath practice is a fun and easy way to self-regulate your mental and emotional responses. An essential for talent for enhancing your resilience, find them HERE!          

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Your Why

  Your ‘why’ has to be greater than the knock down. Just got to watch this, YouTube Video even if boxing is not your thing!          

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The Heartmath Solution

  An outstanding book filled with strategies to regulate emotions and build RESILIENCE. Find your copy HERE!          

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T2 Mood Tracker

  T2 Mood Tracker is designed to help you track your emotional experience over time and to help you uncover patterns and evaluate the impact daily events are having on your wellbeing.   For...

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Happy Minds Happy Cells

  Your resilience is affected by the way the cells in your body listen to your thoughts, negative or positive. Happy cells in turn help your mind with empowered thoughts. Your mental and emotional...

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Bounce Back Quickly

Resilience is improved by happy cells that make up your vital physiology – needing good food, clean water, exercise, and sufficient rest. A cup is fragile – it breaks under the stress of being...

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Fitness = Resilience

  Good exercise stimulates the production of hormones that get the cells making up your muscles, bones, and organs, and your mind happy. Ever wondered why rugby players don’t break bones when they violently...

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Stress is Depleting

A clear vision of what you want helps transform stress and build resilience. Stress is depleting when you do not know why it’s there. With a clear vision of what you want you can...

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Watch your Words

 Negative language about people and events depletes; positive language builds resilience.  Mental and even physical resilience is affected by the language you use – negative descriptions of people and events deplete you, positive ones...

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The First Step

Developing emotional and physical resilience are key qualities for a happy life. Would you like some help to start? Try completing the sentences below.   In order to improve my mood I will focus...

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Quit Addiction

Mobile Apps – Kwit If you like games, you’ll love Kwit. It turns a tough task into a game where you are rewarded and are challenged to progress onto to the next level as...

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Addicted to foods?

Are you addicted to food? Maybe you intend to have just one square of chocolate, but only stop when the whole bar is finished. Maybe you just have to have a pizza, or find...