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Digital Media – wikiHow to overcome an addiction What’s your addiction? Help in three parts: Deciding to QuitMaking a PlanQuitting Handling Withdrawal Community Q&A

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Radical Beauty

Digital Media – Radical Beauty Radical Beauty: A Free, 7-Day Program Revitalize Yourself From the Inside Out. Are you ready to express your highest beauty? Join Kimberly Snyder and Deepak Chopra on this FREE, seven-day...

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The Seed

Digital Media – The Seed Listen to this You Tube Video for the joy of the story and then listen again to the words of the song: “…. Just remember in the winter, far...

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Jamie Oliver

Digital Media – Jamie Oliver our favourite Naked Chef In his entertaining, passionate style Jamie Oliver clearly explains why we need to Think GREEN, Go GREEN – a little at a time. In this...

Urban Monk

The Urban Monk

Digital Media – The Urban Monk – 7 Day Re-Boot   The 7-Day Reboot to get you on track for expressing your meaning and purpose. “Reboot Your Body’’ by boosting your energy… reclaiming your...

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Do The Work

Digital Media – Do THE WORK with Byron Katie What Is The Work? The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the thoughts that cause...

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Wealth Dynamics

Wealth Dynamics in a Nutshell Many people think that there are hundreds of routes to wealth. With Wealth Dynamics, you’ll see that there are actually only eight paths to wealth and that one of...

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Lifehack – Develop Good Financial Habits Keeping your financial life stable requires some discipline and the development of good financial habits. You do not want to be in a financial hole that leaves you...

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Johns Hopkins Medical website

Johns Hopkins Medical website offers 3 videos to guide you through the practice of centering yourself. Yoga and meditation may promote many health benefits, such as reducing fatigue and stress. That’s especially true for...