Cell 2 BlogSuccessful people know how to get others excited, energised and focussed.

Someone suggested that there are no lazy people – only unmotivated people. All people can be motivated by a vision that is meaningful.

Just remember how South Africans came together with the 2010 soccer world cup. So, rather than focusing on the negative elements in the world, successful people focus on the positive possibilities – and inspire people to action.

Here is the key to success – whether in the workplace or at home – break the bigger outcome down into smaller achievable goals. Then recognise and reward each achievement no matter how small.

Want to take action?

Try this:

Describe the outcome you want to achieve in the most exciting and inspiring way by what you will see, what you will hear, and what you will feel when it finally happens. Then hold this vision in mind whilst carrying out the mundane tasks that will transform it into a reality.

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