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Successful people know how to get others excited, energised and focussed. Someone suggested that there are no lazy people – only unmotivated people. All people can be motivated by a vision that is meaningful....

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Quit Addiction

Mobile Apps – Kwit If you like games, you’ll love Kwit. It turns a tough task into a game where you are rewarded and are challenged to progress onto to the next level as...

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Addicted to foods?

Are you addicted to food? Maybe you intend to have just one square of chocolate, but only stop when the whole bar is finished. Maybe you just have to have a pizza, or find...

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Addictive Personality

Blog Posts: Addictive Personality: How I madeit my healthiest trait Quentin Vennie describes how he converted the roughest life experience and a severe drug addiction into his saving grace. FOR MORE

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My Healthiest Trait

Books – Strong in the Broken Places by Quentin Vennie How I made it My Healthiest Trait Quentin Vennie shouldn’t be alive- he grew up with violence and crime was his life. Haunted by...

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Digital Media – wikiHow to overcome an addiction What’s your addiction? Help in three parts: Deciding to QuitMaking a PlanQuitting Handling Withdrawal Community Q&A

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Addiction Prevention

Body connection – addiction prevention Did you know that the word ‘Yoga‘is a Sanskrit term describing the union of the individual with universal spirit, or cosmic consciousness? So how could this relate to addictions?...

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Hooked on the Rush

Are You Hooked on the Rush! Prescription drugs. Social media. Alcohol. Crack. Tik. Khat. Compulsive shopping. Gambling. Technology. Sex. Eating. Sugar. Steroids. Computer games. The word addiction can evoke images of down-and-out folk, people...

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Addictions – recovery IS possible

Addictions – recovery IS possible Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, states; “When people take substances, they’re seeking a certain experience – whether it’s escapist or transcendental, or just wanting to...

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Your role in addiction?

What’s your role in addiction? Ever been a passenger in a vehicle where someone else was driving in a way that felt reckless? You just want them to stop and allow you to take...

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Strengthen positive emotions

Technology – Heartmath South Africa Most forms of addiction are stubbornly difficult to treat. Due to the chemical reactions in the brain the person may struggle with self-regulation and self-control. HeartMath is an effective...