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You a Couch Potatoe?

No! – boost your self-worth by experimenting with new ways of eating and exercising. The story goes that the longest journey begins with the first step, which is why YOU can begin anywhere. Don’t...

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Successful people know how to get others excited, energised and focussed. Someone suggested that there are no lazy people – only unmotivated people. All people can be motivated by a vision that is meaningful....

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Practice Heartmath

  HeartMath practice is a fun and easy way to self-regulate your mental and emotional responses. An essential for talent for enhancing your resilience, find them HERE!          

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T2 Mood Tracker

  T2 Mood Tracker is designed to help you track your emotional experience over time and to help you uncover patterns and evaluate the impact daily events are having on your wellbeing.   For...

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Addictions – recovery IS possible

Addictions – recovery IS possible Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, states; “When people take substances, they’re seeking a certain experience – whether it’s escapist or transcendental, or just wanting to...

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Emotions – Own Your Age

Emotions – Own your age, you’ve earned it!     Yes, we do age, and the thought of this can be scary; but you do not need to buy into all the gloomy pictures of ageing....

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Emotions Purpose Meaning

Emotions are the drivers of meaning and purpose!     We often say about someone who has a defined objective that they want to achieve when they are actively pursuing it: “She’s on a...

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The Emotional Pain of HIV

The emotional pain carried by many who have HIV This denial often leads to avoidance of self-care such as following the general healthy eating and exercising routines, as well as compliance with medication. Shame is...

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The Science Behind Heart Break

Broken Heart Syndrome is the weakening of the muscular portion of the heart triggered by significant stress and can become fatal. The saying “died of a broken heart” holds more truth than we would...