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Cultivate Happiness

Why Resilience Is The Key To Lasting Happiness + How To Cultivate It Have a look at our Blog link HERE!                      

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Your Why

  Your ‘why’ has to be greater than the knock down. Just got to watch this, YouTube Video even if boxing is not your thing!          

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The Heartmath Solution

  An outstanding book filled with strategies to regulate emotions and build RESILIENCE. Find your copy HERE!          

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It Was’nt Pretty

Books – Lets Just Say It Was’nt Pretty by Diane Keaton   From Academy Award winner and bestselling author Diane Keaton comes a candid, hilarious, and deeply affecting look at beauty, ageing, and the...

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Safeway Pedometers

Technology – Safeway Pedometers Safeway pedometers are available at Clicks for R79.00 (April 2017). They are a great way to monitor your daily walking activity as they measure the number of steps you are...

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Beauty from the Inside Out

FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH – True beauty shines from the inside out. It is amazing that the international anti-ageing market is estimated to reach $191.7 billion by 2019. This is the money spent on lotions...

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Nutrition – For Better Ageing

Nutrition – Eat your way to better ageing Eating incorrectly can result in the premature ageing of not only our skin, but everything that happens within our bodies. Surprisingly, the ageing process starts quite early. Men’s...

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Emotions – Own Your Age

Emotions – Own your age, you’ve earned it!     Yes, we do age, and the thought of this can be scary; but you do not need to buy into all the gloomy pictures of ageing....

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Word From our Coach – Purpose

Word From our Coach – Finding Meaning & Purpose   In my younger years I searched long and hard to find the answer to the perplexing question. Feeling sure that there must be an...

Urban Monk

The Urban Monk

Digital Media – The Urban Monk – 7 Day Re-Boot   The 7-Day Reboot to get you on track for expressing your meaning and purpose. “Reboot Your Body’’ by boosting your energy… reclaiming your...


Think Grow Prosper

Blog Posts – Think. Grow. Prosper.     Ruben Chavez founder of ‘Think. Grow. Prosper’ he says; “I founded Think. Grow. Prosper as a community for people looking for daily inspiration, entrepreneurship insights, and resources...

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Exercise Purpose Meaning

Enriched meaning and purpose with exercise! Meaning and purpose are really emotional experiences that we are able to track in our bodies. For a musician the meaning of the music is experienced in the...

Portrait of young housewife enjoying fresh salad

Food Purpose Meaning

Is there a link between food and meaning and purpose?   A couple of years ago I was working with a group of overweight people at a large organisation supporting them in their desire...

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Quality Food & ARV’s

Good quality food enhances the effectiveness of ARV’s One of the side effects of taking antiretroviral drugs is that it often induces nausea and lack of appetite. This is a horrid ‘catch 22’ situation...

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HeartMath SA

Technology HeartMath® is a scientifically validated system of techniques and technologies that will help you to transform your stress, build your resilience and boost your performance. HeartMath is easy to learn and the simple but...

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Exercise Quality & Ageing

How much exercise you do now, not only influences the quality of life you experience presently, but also how well you will age Exercise, exercise, exercise. Oh, we hear so much about how we are...